The King’s School Faculty & Staff

2009Grad6.jpgFor over 30 years now, the faculty and staff of The King’s School have devoted themselves to building an educationally strong and loving school that teaches Christian values. It is because of the dedication and sacrifice of our teachers, staff, and local churches, that we are a success.

Elementary Teachers

Jr./Sr.  High Teachers

Specialty Teachers

Study Hall/Lunch/Recess Monitors 
  • Beth Sweeney
  • Catherine Bailey

CSE Department

Afterschool Activities


  • Glorious Praise Dance: Nanette Levons & Dusty Kirkpatrick
  • G-3: Erin Frasier
  • Athletic Director: Peter Bevan
  • Athletic Coordinator: Stephanie Cordis
  • Varsity Soccer: Peter Bevan
  • Modified  Soccer: Wayne Patterson
  • Boys’ Varsity Basketball: Matt White
  • Girls’ Varsity Basketball: Jon Stroebel
  • Modified Basketball: Peter Bevan
  • Varsity Cheerleading: Jenna Stoffel
  • Volleyball: Erin Frasier
  • Running Club: Amy Rypkema

Administrative Staff

  • Derek Bevan: President
  • Kellie Girling: Principal
  • Peter Bevan: Assistant Principal
  • Wayne Patterson: Staff Development Coordinator
  • Jodie Perry: Administrator of Records
  • Naomi Arens: Business Manager

Office Staff

  • Jodie Perry: Office Manager
  • Donna Ellis: Executive Assistant
  • Sharon VanWinkler: Accounts Receivable
  • Lisa McKnight: Guidance
Medical Records/Nurse
  • Kristy Fischer
  • Lila Verra
  • Michelle Hodges
  • Sara Dolan, Chair
  • Fristy Fischer
  • Healther Blanchard
  • Melody White
  • Melissa Witt

Lunch Program

Networking & Computers

  • Matt Jason
  • Jim Perry
  • Jairus Kirkpatrick
Web Design and Internet

Beautification Engineers

  • Casey Watkins

Maintenance & Grounds

School Management Team

Spiritual Life Team

Academic Team

Financial Team

  • Roy Frase, Chair
  • Rich Jenks
  • Douglas Girling
  • Derek Bevan
  • Peter Bevan