Mrs. Stoffel: Class Notes


 Now for some general information:


King’s has switched to an incredible online student/teacher/parent portal! Please select the link below to connect you to our Sycamore School websites.

SPAN A- (8th Grade) SPAN A Assignments

SPAN 1- (9th-12th Grade-Required for regents diploma*) SPAN 1 Assignments

SPAN 2-(Typically 10th grade- Required for advanced regents diploma*) SPAN 2 Assignments

 SPAN 3- (Typically 11th Grade- Required for Advanced Regents Diploma*) SPAN 3 Assignments



NOTE: 8th graders are in Spanish A not B!!!. There is no Spanish B this year. 




This is an awesome language learning program for everyone! They even have apps for your phone and or ipad :)


Homework:    (Homework is 15% of final quarter grade)

>     Jr. High Students (7th Grade) will have homework Monday,Thursday, and Friday nights.

>     Jr. High Students (8th Grade) will have homework Tuesday and Wednesday nights. 

>     Sr. High Students (9th-12th) will have homework Monday-Thursday every week. 

For classes 8-12- I DO NOT assign homework over weekends or over holidays. You’re Welcome. 

Quizzes/Tests: (Quizzes are 25% and Exams are 40% of final quarter grade)

Oral/Speaking: (Oral/speaking section is 20% of final quarter grade)

>     Participation is very important in my class.  Students can earn participation points from volunteering to read/speak during class or to write their homework on the board.

Extra Credit Options:

- Reading a poem in Spanish in front of the class

- Performing a worship song IN SPANISH in front of the class. (Hillsong has an entire CD in Spanish)

- Make an ACCURATE video/skit/song/dance to help students learn the alphabet in Spanish. 

- Cook a Spanish food, bring it in to share with the class, and give a brief presentation of how you made it, what countries eat it, and why it is important.

- Learn a type of Spanish dance and perform it in front of the class and give a brief explanation why the dance has such importance. 

- Help Mrs. Stoffel grade another Spanish classes quizzes/tests! Laughing

****If a student has an idea for an extra credit assignment, approach the teacher and ask! She just may let you do it!



  • Each memory verse is worth 5% of your bible grade each quarter.  You can repeat these orally or write them from memory for your homeroom teacher anything throughout the day.