Mrs. Staples 12th Grade Health




(Mondays & Wednesdays 4th period/Fridays 6th period) 

 What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies with in us.

~Henry David Thoreau~


Friday 5/20/16- Read  22-4 do note guide

Monday 5/16/16- read p574-589, complete related handout

Friday 5/13/16- Read p524-536 do p. 528 #2-5; and p. 536 #1-8, due Monday (quiz grade)

Wednesday 5/11/16- completed chapter 19-section 3 packet for class Friday 5/13/16 review text p 498-503

Friday 5/6/16- no homework "Every good and perfect gift is from above..."

Wednesday 4/20/16- Great job on your PSA videos! no homework, make sure all assignments are up to date. Enjoy spring break!

Monday 4/18/16- Have your team PSA video complete Tuesday & emailed. Check the video rubrick to make sure you’ve covered the details

Friday 4/15/16- work on editing your PSA videos, send to Mrs Staples by or before Tuesday 4/19 @ 7pm EST. We will view them Wednesday 4/20. Complete any past due assignments if needed.

Monday 4/11/16- Watch the choose your path videos about prescription drug abuse

Teams decide if your prescription drug abuse video project will be a choose your path video or a public service announcement.

Following the handout guidelines, have your team story board and the 7 questions answered, handed in or emailed to me at by Friday 4/15.

  Come prepared with any props/materials your team needs, we can use class time on Friday and Monday if you need it to record.

 Use Chapter 17 in your textbook and facts about the dangers of prescription drug abuse for your information sources

Completed video project will be emailed to me by Tuesday 4/19 to be shown in class Wednesday 4/20



Friday 4/8/16- p. 439#4-6

Wednesday 4/6/16- Text book p 432 #5-8 and section 17-1 Practice ws "How Drugs Affect the Brain"

Monday 4/4/16- no homework

Friday 4/1/16- no homework

Monday 3/28/16- complete handout (chp 13); do p 329 # 2, 3, 5, 7

Wednesday 3/23/16- no homework

Monday 3/21/16- make sure all assignments are up to date

Friday 3/18/16- FOK Review due Monday 3/21/16

Monday 3/14/16- we’ll be finishing the last 15 minutes of FOK documentary during lunch on Wed. 3/16. Make sure you have good notes, follow the directions on your handout, all the steps there for you. Movie review of FOK due Monday 3/21/16.

Wednesday 3/9/16 and Friday 3/11/16- Will continue watching Forks Over Knives in class, follow the directions in your packet, have your documentary review written, ready to hand in, Monday 3/21/16. If you want to re-watch or watch ahead any part of the movie, it is available on Netflix or at the public library

Monday 3/7/16- no homework

Friday 3/4/16- due Monday 3/7 read p. 299-310; complete questions #8-18 p. 312; complete section 12-2 & 12-3 handouts

Monday 2/29/16- Quiz Friday 3/4 section 12-1; skeletal system team presentation Friday 3/4.

Friday 2/26/16- complete chp. 11 presentation questions if presented today. Skeletal system project presentation next Friday, have chapter 11 packet completed

Monday 2/22/16-  nervous & skeletal system teams be prepared for your class presentations Friday 2/26;

Chapter 11 packets were due 2/12, if not completed hand it in.

Muscular system team chp 11 presentation assesment & questions due Wed. 2/24; nervous & skeletal teams due Monday 2/29

Recap: ppt. of Cardiovascular system


Friday 2/12/12- nerveous & skeletal system team presentations ready on Friday 2/26. Teams that have completed presentation (muscular system), complete chp 11 handout (presentation assesment & questions)

Monday 2/8/16- continue working on team systems presentation, will check progress on Wednesday, be prepared to present Friday 6th period. Complete chp 11 packet for Friday 2/12.

Friday 2/5/16- be planning your team presentation on your body system for Friday 2/12, (follow guide lines, first page of your packet) complete chp 11 packet, due Fri 2/12.

Monday 2/1/16- Review for chapter 10 Test (sec 1-3) Wed. 2/3; Record the amount of water you consume for a 24 hour period, use either cups or ounces. Here is a water calculator link to help determine approx. needed water intake

Friday 1/22/16- no homework

Friday 1/15/16- finish p.251#1-4; practice your digestive system knowledge with this online review quiz

Wednesday 1/13/16- no homework

Monday 1/11/16- complete section 10-1 Digestive Steps worksheet for Wed 1/13; video recap : Enzymes, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Digestion

Friday 1/8/16- No homework

Start thinking about a science fair topic (for those not taking a science), it must relate to, and tie into your health textbook.

Science Fair February 25th 





 Monday 1/4/16- complete text book section 9-3 #1-7 and Health at School - due Friday 1/8; Section 9-3 quiz Friday 1/8

Wednesday 12/16/15- Enjoy your break! Merry Christmas!

Monday 12/14/15-  no homework today

Friday 12/11/15- Follow  Extreme Recipe make over guide lines (see below), project due Monday 12/14   Got late work? 

Monday 12/7/15- read section 9-1 and complete note-guide. Monday 12/14/15 Make over recipe is due, follow hand out guide lines

todays video clip What Influences Food Choices?

Friday 12/4/15- Bring in written copy of the original recipe you’ll be making over into a healthier version for the Extreme Recipe Make-Over due Monday 12/7

Wednesday 12/2/15- Be prepared with a copy of your recipe to make over for Monday 12/7

*Fridays Health class will be held in Mrs. J’s room

Monday 11/30/15- Make sure HW is up to date; it’s a "B Week", so Health class on Wednesday;

Start thinking about the recipe you will be making over, original recipie due in class Monday 12/7

Monday 11/23/15- complete the Thankgiving Day Food Consumption/Calorie hand out, write down all the food you eat for the whole day, then use the links on the hand out to determine your total calories for the day.

Remember to include, all food, liquids from all meals that day.

*Here is one more link to for calorie info.

*Click here for the requested link from todays class on 10 Assertiveness scenarios




Friday 11/20/15- complete chp 6 section 1 handout; 6-1 quiz Monday 11/23

Monday 11/16/15- No homework, we’ll be presenting the first graders with their awards Friday morning.

Friday 11/13/15- due monday, p. 117 #5,  p. 118 writing question, and    p. 130 #6-7

Friday 11/6/15- finish ws p 76 if not completed in class, Chapter 3 projects due to present in class Monday 11/9. 1st quarter ends Friday 11/13, make sure any back/late work is handed in. 

Thursday 11/5/15- Health class will be held in Mrs. J’s room#13 on Friday, please have any materials needed to work on your chp 3 project

Moday 11/2/15- Be working on your Chapter 3 project which is due Monday 11/9, will count as a test grade. Part of Fridays class time may be designated to work on it. 




Friday 10/30/15- Choose a project from the handout options for chapter 3 on Stress due Monday 11/9/15 - be ready to present to class -test grade

Wednesday 10/28/15- no homework, unless you have work to catch up on.

Monday 10/26/15- using the activity criteria hand out, write about your experince you had helping to "pass on the potential to succeed" in reading and writing with the first graders.

Friday 10/23/15- Great mentoring today with the first grade! We will finish up the projects with them during Mondays class, 4th period. Make sure all of your health HW is up to date by Monday 10/26. Here is a copy of todays handout/activity criteria, which is due Wednesday 10/28

Monday 10/19/15- find and bring in an article about people who have shown resilience. due Friday 10/23 click here for the handout 

Friday 10/16/15- complete stress assessment & section 3-2 practice handout; quiz on Monday 4/19 section 3-2

click here for review on how stress can affects the body

Wednesday 10/14/15- Finish reading p56-29; complete 3-1 practice; Take a survey of other students of which events and situations cause them stress. Then rank the identified stressors in the survey by frequency an classify them as either major life changes or everyday problems. Make a chart summarizing your results. Due Friday 10/16

Monday 10/5/15- p 50 #1-5, note taking guide 2-3, expressing anger in healthy ways ws. Due Wednesday 10/7, please hand in the health homework bin, in your homeroom Rm# 17

 Friday 10/2/15- Finish packet, p. 16.3; 16.7; 16.12 for Monday 10/5

 Got personality? Get a general idea of your personality type based on the 5 main personality traits with this on line quiz 




Wednesday 9/30/15- complete p. 16.5  & encouragement list from packet for Friday 10/2

Monday 9/28/15- p. 35#1-5

Friday 9/25/15- make sure all of your hw assignments are up to date

Monday 9/21/15- complete handout.... p. 15/16 and text book p. 26# 1-20 Due Friday 9/25

Friday 9/18/15- Read p16-17 Complete #2 p 17 for Monday 9/21

 Wednesday 9/16/15- Do p.11 questions # 2, 5-7; Also, select a medium other than television and write a paragraph (on lined paper) explaining how this chosen medium can either be a positive or negative influence on health.

Monday 9/14/16- no home work

Friday 9/11/15- Read p. 2-5;  p.5 complete questions # 6,7 & Health at School, complete chp1 personal inventory hand out.


In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing. ~Theodore Rooservelt~





















5/28/14 Wednesday- complete chapter 25 handout (re: sections 2 & 3)

5/15/14 Thursday-  5 week reports next week, are you up to date?

5/8/14 Thursday- Finish reading p.558-563; p.574-583; complete note guide & answer connect to life p. 575 &581

5/1/14 Thursday-  Read p 548-557; do connect to life p. 525, do p. 528# 5-6; p. 551 #6; p. 557#5

4/30/14 Wednesday- read p 498-503; complete connect to life p. 498 & 501








Chapter 17 

*For more "Change Your Path" interactive video go to:

4/23/14 Wednesday- p 454 Sections 1,2,4,due tomorrow (4/24): *Read p460-463 & p 478-482 & complete related note guide due Wednesday 4/30

4/9/14 Wednesday- p454 Sections 1, 2, 4 (Test Grade) Due Thursday 4/24

4/3/14 Thursday- complete p.437 #4-6// read p.448-452

3/26/14 Wednesday-  Answer Connect to Life Questions p. 429 & 430// Do p. 432 #6 & 8// Read p433, answer writing question

3/20/14 Thursday- No homework :)