2023-2024 School Profile

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CEEB code: 332747
Main office: (518) 654-6230
Email: main_office@kingsschool.info
Website: www.kingsschool.info
Principal: Kellie Girling
School counselor: Rachel Cabrera


The King’s School is a private Christian school serving over 15 communities in Warren, Washington, and Saratoga Counties of New York State. Currently, the school consists of 120 students in grades Kindergarten through 12. The student body is 90% Caucasian, 4% African American, 3% Latino, and 1% Asian, which is typical for this geographical area. Students predominantly fall in the middle economic class, but roughly 10% are eligible for free or reduced lunches as per government guidelines.


The King’s School, which opened in 1983 and graduated its first class in 1986, is a certified New York State Board of Regents High School. We offer local, Regents, and Advanced Regents Diplomas, along with Honors Distinction, as well as Mastery in Math and Mastery in Science Distinctions, as in keeping with the New York State Board of Regents standards. King’s motto is “Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today” and strives to release every student into their full potential and calling.


King’s follows a two semester schedule, with each semester broken into 2 quarters. Students take a maximum of seven forty-minute classes daily. Report cards are given at the end of each quarter, with midterm and final exams given at the end of each semester. Quarter grades each comprise 20% of a student’s final grade (80% total), with midterms and finals each comprising an additional 10%.


AP offerings at King’s change based on student interest and staff availability. King’s is also registered with AP as a “test only” school, and therefore students can take an AP exam in May for any subject for which they have independently studied. In addition, students are sometimes given the option to complete an Independent Study program, as offered through Khan Academy, in AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC, and AP Statistics. Honors classes are offered in British Literature, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, US History and Government/Economics (through the Model Organization of American States program.) Students are also given the option to enroll in area vocational programs through BOCES, as well as the potential to earn college credit through Hudson Valley Community College’s College in the High School program.


The King’s School’s class rankings reflect an equitable comparison of learning, based on the main core subjects that students take at The King’s School and which are required for the Advanced Regents diploma. Only those students who have maintained at least an 85 cumulative average through the end of their senior year may be considered for the honorary positions of Valedictorian or Salutatorian.

Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation

The King’s School uses both a Quality Point system and Weighted GPAs and Academic Averages in order to more accurately reflect a student’s effort and accomplishments when taking more challenging courses. Both quality points and weighted averages are applied to a course that: is designated as an Honors Course (Quality point 1.13,) is designated as an additional course needed to obtain an Advanced Regents degree (Quality point 1.13,) is designated as an Advanced Placement (AP) course, or is a course taken for college credit through The King’s School (Quality point 1.25.) Honors and Advanced Courses receive a GPA increase of .5, and AP and college courses taken through King’s receive a GPA increase of 1.

Class of 2023

There were 13 graduates in the Class of 2023.

  • 6 earned a 4.0+
  • 1 earned 3.5–3.99
  • 1 earned 3.0–3.49
  • 5 earned 2.50–2.99
  • 0 earned 2.0–2.49
  • 0 earned less than a 2.0

Standardized Test Results

2021 SAT Average: 1210 (8 exams taken by 8 students)
2022 SAT Average: 1385 (4 exams taken by 4 students)

Advanced Placement Results

In May 2022, 7 students took AP Exams. A total of 9 exams were taken in 3 subjects, with 88% of the AP Exams receiving scores of 3 or higher. There were no AP Exams taken in May of 2023.


King’s does not keep a record of students’ post-graduate plans on a yearly basis. Past King’s graduates have been accepted at and gone on to prestigious schools such as Princeton, Oxford, Cornell, Boston University, University of Rochester, and the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. Students have attended public and private universities and colleges across the country, both large and small.

Contact Information

Rachel Cabrera
Back Office Manager/Guidance Counselor
(518) 654-6230