The King’s School Admission Policies & Procedures

The King’s School will never discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin when admitting students to all school activities and responsibilities.

Upon making a request for student-admission, parents will receive an Admissions Packet containing various forms that must be completed and returned to the School Office for approval and processing. Every applicant-family will receive a personal interview with members of the Staff. A full-day visit to your student’s classroom can be arranged through the office. Prior to acceptance of an application all forms, health records, and previous school records must be submitted for consideration in the application process.

In order to give every applicant-family an opportunity to become acquainted with the vision, spirit and direction of the school, each family is encouraged to schedule two visits, at their convenience, to the Sunday morning services of Church of The Nations.

These procedures are established in order to allow every applicant-family to make informed choices and to further the relationship between family and school upon which all future contact will be based.