The King’s Elementary School

The King's School offers a wonderful Christian environment where young (and older) children can thrive and learn through academics, physical activity, play, public events, field trips, worship, arts, and much more. Children are encouraged to treat each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. They are guided in resolving their conflicts in a Biblical and respectful way towards each other. They learn scripture, songs, and Biblical study throughout the year, that root deeply in their hearts and affects who they become. That our students grow up to love and respect God and live for His purposes with all their hearts is our primary goal.

The elementary curriculum is carefully selected as a continuous scaffolding of varied learning benchmarks in preparation for high school, college studies, and life. Important core values of our curriculum choices; such as content rich in critical thinking activities, multiple intelligence awareness, and instruction that encourages strong communication skills, is kept in 'big picture' view as each year progresses.  

The heart of a child is far more precious than any academic, sport, or arts achievement. Raising another generation of people with integrity, faith, and purpose is our goal, as we model how to do this in our own lives.