International Student Program


The King’s School is a small school with an international vision. Our students take international trips every 2 years, and we greatly encourage our students to travel and gain an understanding of other cultures. We actively work to maintain relationships with churches around the world, and we teach our students about the joy of being a part of the larger Body of Christ.

As part of our commitment to a wide world view, The King’s School has established an education program for students from around the world. This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.


An international student must be initially qualified through one of the many local churches that The King’s School is in relationship with around the world. The school administration approves the only exchange students who come recommended to us by one of these churches.

The School Management Team, with the help of the International Student Program, reviews all applications for acceptance, and then prayerfully considers which host family would be the best match for an approved student.

To be accepted at The King’s School, an international student must prove they are capable of meeting the financial requirements of admission, and they must come recommended by the Pastor of their local church. As part of the application process, the International Student must have their pastor fill out a questionnaire and send it to King’s. (See below.)

All international students must be willing to abide by school rules and policies of the school and be respectful of the Christian faith.

The King’s School prefers to accept international students for an entire school year, though we also consider allowing students to attend King’s for less than one full year. If a student requests to attend King’s for additional years, approval must be granted by the Principal. This approval is based upon the student’s academic performance, social adaptation, command of the English language, and evidence of mature character development.


Please call the school at 518-654-6230 for the most updated information.


All international students are eligible to participate in interscholastic sports through King’s. King’s offers soccer, basketball, cheerleading, and occassionally baseball for their High School students. Additional fees apply for these sports, and those fees must be paid for by the student.


First-year international students will be placed in the appropriate grade as determined by their age, previous academic performance, social levels, and command of the English language. Returning international students will be placed in the appropriate grade levels based upon previous year’s performance. A returning student seeking graduation will be placed in 12th grade provided they have successfully completed one (1) full year at The King’s School and are academically qualified to do so.


Tuition Fee:  Please call the school at 518-654-6230 for the most updated information.

Enrollment Fee: Please call the school at 518-654-6230 for the most updated information.

Monthly Housing and Travel Expenses: Please call the school at 518-654-6230 for the most updated information.


If you desire to be a part of The King’s School International Student Program, simply fill in the forms below and send them in to The King’s School. We’ll contact you after we receive your completed application.

Formulario de Solicitud para Estudiantes Internacionales

Cuestonario de Pastores para Familias Internacionales

Una Nota de la Oficina de Salud

International Student Application

Pastor’s Questionnaire

Note from the Health Office for Exchange Students