About The King’s Private Christian School

From its birth, The King’s School has been answering God’s call of "Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today." Central to that call is the understanding that every child is born according to God’s will and that each child has a God-given destiny to fulfill.  Boldly we strive to produce students who:

  • think deeply with a Biblical basis
  • have a thrilling awareness of their abilities and gifts
  • are growing in genuine Godly character traits
  • are developing creativity and uniqueness
  • are confident with one-on-one and group communication
  • are learning healthy Conflict Resolution (Matthew 18)
  • are R.F.A. - Ready For Anything to which God may call them

Our Curricula is designed intentionally to:

  • ensure we never "educate" children out of their God-born creativity and vitality
  • develop critical thinkers who are passionate about learning
  • encourage and implement Multiple Learning Styles
  • create servant-hearted young people
  • produce men and women wholly devoted to God’s purposes in their families, churches, communities, and the world
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