The King’s School Mission



  • 2018 Italy
  • 2016 Spain
  • 2014 Ecuador
  • 2012 Spain
  • 2010 Ireland
  • 2007 Bogota, Colombia

International travel provides young people with opportunities for personal growth which can never be duplicated in a classroom setting. Travel for the purpose of serving others in the developing world goes even farther to create life-changing and values-setting experiences.

This kind of cross cultural experience has been a feature of The King’s School life from its earliest days. Trips have been taken not only to Colombia - where students have made lasting friendships with young people who live in conditions hardly comparable to our American lifestyle - but also to the "First World" nations of England, Ireland, Wales, and The Netherlands, where students have mixed their appetite for ministry through music, drama and service, with the wealth of history all around.

Few students on the trip to the ancient city of Bath in western England will ever forget walking in twos behind the Lord Mayor, from the City Guild Hall to the Roman Baths Pump Room, with the Mayor’s Mace Bearer up front, calling out "Make way for the Lord Mayor." Nor will they forget the time that Bath city officials opened up their treasury of jewels for students to handle, as they sat in thrones in the historic city’s seat of government! Truly moments for "tomorrow’s leaders" to remember!