Poetry/Dramatic Reading/Speech Contests Criteria


At The King’s School part of our training towards "Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today" is learning the art of public speaking. Whether our students eventually enter the world of business or ministry, these skills will set them apart. This opportunity also builds confidence from a very young age and helps dispel the fear of speaking to a group of people, so that our students can answer the call to "go into all the world." (Matthew 28:19-20)


Each year every student from grade K-12 participate in one of these three contests. K-8 participate in the Poetry Contest, 9-10 graders participate in the Dramatic Reading, and 11-12 graders participate in the Speech Contest.


On the yearly calendar that is provided at the beginning of the year, each of the contest dates are stated. For a printable yearly calendar, click here.


Poetry Contest
Students are to select an age appropriate poem of their choice, which is to be approved by their teacher before the contest date.

Dramatic Reading
Students are to select a piece of writing, a story, or an excerpt from a play to read dramatically. It is to be approved by their teacher before the Contest date.

Speech Contest Criteria
Students are to select a famous speech or write their own persuasive piece. It is to be approved by their teacher before the Contest date.


Students will be evaluated (by a panel of staff judges) in the following areas for these Contests:

1. Presentation - volume, annunciation, posture, facial expression, eye contact, and gestures
2. Originality and creativity - chose an appropriately selected piece, or wrote their own piece
3. Length and content - may vary in length -1-5 minutes approximately - students will be evaluated on the meaningfulness and appropriateness of the piece.

Note: The students receive a double test English grade for the Contest results. They also earn points for their teams for first, second, third place per grade. Sometimes students are selected to represent the Poetry/Dramatic Reading/Speech Contest at The End of the Year Celebration of Achievements Night, if they so desire.

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