Mr. Baker: Class Notes

Welcome Back.  I hope you and your family had an Awesome Summer

Mr. Baker

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 If you desire extra credit to raise your quarterly score you may do up to two extra projects from the end of the Math Book chapters.  Complete the activity Lab for the chapter and complete the items on the "Normal" Project Cover sheet.

Project Cover sheets Mathematicians   Normal  Picture

Hope you are having an Awesome Week.

See Sycamore School Site for homework assignments (question #/due/missed/graded).  See below links for class syllabus.

Algebra 1b


Algebra 2/Trig


For Algebra 1b, Geometry, and Algebra 2 you may watch the on-line video’s for the assigned topic and do the on-line quiz for that topic for homework if you missed the class.  For homework, turn in a note stating that you watched the video’s and what your score was on the quiz.

To find the on line-videos and quizzes, go to select your textbook and follow your nose.